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Graphene: the wonder material that changed the world

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2021-09-26 09:45

The new material industry is a strategic and basic industry of the national economy, the cornerstone of equipment and manufacturing, and an important support for core competitiveness. Shanxi Province continues to make efforts in the field of high-end new materials to promote the development of refined, large-scale, industrialized and high-value-added products, and to drive the development and growth of the province's high-end new material industry and its supporting downstream, deep processing and other industries.

A veritable "king of new materials"
"This is a flexible keyboard, it's amazing. Roll it up and take it with you when you travel." The keyboard shown by Chen Chengmeng, a researcher at the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a soft silicone exterior wrapped with a piece of paper. It is the important functional part of the flexible keyboard.
"The black lines and dots on the paper are not drawn, but we printed the lines using electronic paste prepared with graphene. The soft circuit board can make the keyboard foldable and easy to carry." Chen Chengmeng told reporters that if the graphite When ene is applied to touch screens, mobile phones and tablet computers can be folded; if plastic is added, the plastic becomes strong and tough, and it can also make the original non-conductive and non-conductive plastic become conductive and heat-conductive; if added to lithium-ion batteries and In the supercapacitor, the energy density and power density of the energy storage device can be greatly improved, and its cycle life can be extended... The graphene pressure sensor and temperature sensor shown to reporters by the team of Li Mengwei, the dean of the Institute of Frontier Interdisciplinary Sciences of North University of China, are in Wearable electronic devices, electronic skin, flexible displays and other fields show their talents.
Light as air but as hard as steel, it is graphene known as "black gold". Like the well-known graphite rod and pencil lead, graphene is also composed of carbon atoms. In 2004, scientists Andrei Heim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom first successfully separated a layer of crystalline substance graphene from graphite through tape in the laboratory, which caused a sensation in the scientific community. Man was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for his pioneering research on graphene.
As a new material of the high-end carbon family, it is an excellent choice for electronic product materials. What is more interesting is that its many "extreme" physical properties make it the thinnest, the hardest, and the best electrical and thermal conductivity ever found. A powerful new type of nanomaterial, which can be used in aerospace and military high-precision fields, it is a veritable "king of new materials". In the eyes of Chen Chengmeng, who has been engaged in graphene research and development for a long time, the modulus of graphene has reached 1TPa, which is 200 times that of steel. If you keep the strength of graphene and make a thin film, trying to pierce it is like pushing an elephant away. "If force, heat, light, electricity, and magnetism can make it react, then such a graphene functional device will have invincible and super expressive power." Li Mengwei's research topic focuses more on the functional application of graphene.

To maintain China's leading position in the field of graphene
In the graphene pilot platform of the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, graphene is thin and elegant on the production line. Graphite is prepared into graphene through four steps of oxidation, purification, drying and peeling. The market price of 250 grams of graphene raw materials is as high as 12,500 yuan. The production process of graphene was explained by Dr. Kong Qingqiang of the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: "If graphite is regarded as a book, then graphene is actually a page in it, then the first thing we have to do is to put every page in this book. Open each other, and then tear off each page instantly, turning it into a page by page." At present, the Shanxi Coal Chemical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has overcome the key technology of graphene batch preparation, achieving stable, controllable and low-cost production.
In the ultra-clean room of the pilot plant, researchers are assembling, testing and researching devices for the production of graphene-related derivatives. "This supercapacitor is one of the achievements of scientific research. Despite its small size, it is full of power. It only takes 10 seconds to fully charge, and it can be charged and discharged more than a million times." Dr. Wang Zhenbing from Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences is busy He told reporters, "The supercapacitor has very fast charge and discharge speed, long cycle life, and its weather resistance is very strong. At minus 40 degrees Celsius, its discharge capacity is basically the same as the normal temperature discharge capacity."
Has Shanxi's graphene production been industrialized? Chen Chengmeng said: "At present, graphene has achieved small-scale mass production, which is in the incubation period of graphene application, and it is also a window period for investment. We are gradually focusing and condensing some possible application directions of graphene, such as storage and storage. energy, conductive inks, thermally conductive materials, electromagnetic shielding, high-performance composite materials, and anti-corrosion coatings, all of which Shanxi is involved in. With the popularization or expansion of downstream applications of graphene, its demand will increase. Try to go industrial."
Looking at the world, at present, many countries in the world have deployed graphene from a strategic level, attach great importance to the development of the graphene industry, carry out systematic layout, and invest a lot of money to support the graphene industry, in order to seize the new round of competition. The commanding heights of graphene industry development. my country is a country with large graphite resources and one of the most active countries in graphene research and application development. In 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the "Guidance Catalogue of Key Products and Services for Strategic Emerging Industries", which included new materials such as graphene. Graphene has become the "new darling" of the scientific research community, creating many incredible things.
Liu Zhongfan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the Beijing Graphene Research Institute, believes that my country's graphene basic research team and industrialization team should be said to be the largest in the world, and two-thirds of the patents come from China. R&D is a global leader. Currently, Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute is taking the lead in formulating 5 IEC international standards and 4 national standards. At the same time, there are also a series of alliance standards and industry standards, and there are 20 various standards led by or participated in the formulation of coal chemical industry. It can be seen that Shanxi has a place in the global standardization of graphene, and it is a very important position.
Norbert Fabricius, secretary-general of the International Electrotechnical Commission's Technical Committee for Nano-Electrotechnical Products and Systems and head of the EU Graphene Flagship Program Standards, said, "Up to now, China has participated in the formulation of graphite Graphene-related standards exceed 34%, followed by Europe and South Korea with 29% and 21%, respectively. I strongly recommend that China continue to adhere to the standard setting work, which is necessary to maintain China’s leading position in the graphene market.”

Based on the application, let graphene affect the future
If there is to be a new industrial revolution in the 21st century, it must be led by graphene. The importance of graphene can be said to be self-evident. In this context, my country has also seized the opportunity to make an early layout in the high-end research and development of graphene, and has achieved certain results. Shanxi has also made some breakthroughs in this regard.
In the Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Nano-functional Composite Materials of North Central University, researchers are carrying out the application and engineering research of graphene anti-corrosion coatings. The graphene-polymer composite anti-corrosion coatings they developed have greatly improved the corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and peel strength. The Graphene Application Research Center of the Frontier Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the University focuses on the research and development of cutting-edge information fields such as graphene high-temperature pressure sensors and high-temperature temperature sensors.
At Taiyuan University of Technology, researchers used low-energy electron microscopy to confirm that the oxygen atoms in graphene oxide exist in a crown ether structure. And successfully explored the application of graphene quantum dots in solar photovoltaic devices.
In the Carbon Materials Research Institute of Datong University, the researchers developed a liquid-phase exfoliation method to prepare graphene, and they used graphene in crop production in a unique way, which can increase vegetable production by 30%-200%.
Chen Chengmeng believes: "The future industrial application and development direction of graphene should be further upgraded through our technical means from the perspective of preparation, and its cost will be further reduced. In addition, from the application point of view, we will strive to enrich downstream application scenarios. , including supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, conductive inks, anti-corrosion coatings and other diversified applications." Li Mengwei admitted that in the stage of discovering graphene, we may have missed it, and we hope that we will not miss it in the stage of mining its application.
The excellent performance of graphene is combined with Shanxi's original carbon material industry and scientific research foundation to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and jump from low-end to high-end
Deploying the graphene industry, opening up new applications of graphene, and focusing on the development of the graphene industry, Shanxi has embarked on its own path of innovation, driven by demand to drive core technology research, and promoted the collaborative innovation of government, industry, academia, and research.

Seize the opportunity to concentrate on the research and development and production of graphene
my country is one of the most active countries in graphene research and industrialization in the world. With the continuous expansion of graphene application scenarios, it is expected that by 2021, the national graphene market will reach 20 billion yuan.
Shanxi Datong, a graphene + new material energy storage industrial park based on the country's first original dry physical catalysis graphene powder production project, dedicated to the research, development and application of graphene downstream products is emerging. In the production workshop of Datong Mexico Technology Co., Ltd., workers are using acetylene spray guns for production operations. After high temperature baking, the steel pipes are intact. The reason is that the surface of the steel pipes is coated with a graphene coating. Song Jiawei, the company's R&D director, said: "Graphene coating can improve the heat transfer and heat transfer efficiency of the entire heat exchange equipment; protect the metal bottom layer under extreme working conditions, so that the heat transfer heat exchanger has a longer service life and a longer maintenance period. ."
What happens when a cell phone with a full signal is sent to the test workshop? "The mobile phone signal is completely shielded." This is the first model room completed by the water-based graphene electromagnetic shielding coating technology jointly developed by Datong Mexico Technology Co., Ltd. and the 33rd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group. "The shielding efficiency of the whole frequency band reaches more than 40dB, which can achieve 99.99% of electromagnetic wave blocking." Wang Peng, a doctor from the 33rd Research Institute of China Electricity Science and Technology, introduced that this technology can be widely used in household electromagnetic purification, electromagnetic purification in building rooms, 5G smart mines, Electromagnetic protection in high-speed rail transit and other fields. At present, the park is based on graphene materials. Through the form of business investment and industrial chain investment, a number of mid- and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain have been introduced to settle in, forming a complete graphene closed-loop industrial chain.
"The closed-loop industrial chain of graphene is the entire industrial chain from the production and processing of graphene to the application." Zhao Jianxin, general manager of Datong Mexico Technology Co., Ltd. said that Datong has rich graphite mineral resources, which are easy to mine and process. For industrial cultivation, rich resources are like fertile soil, and industrial policies are like water and sunshine, which are indispensable. Datong's policy to support the development of graphene industry proposes "five delivery" services, which are policy delivery, environment delivery, service delivery, resources delivery, and market delivery. It is this kind of favorable policy that helps companies get through the difficult period of the start-up stage. Chen Chengmeng, a researcher at the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, agreed. He believed that it was Datong's nanny-style cultivation of emerging industries that helped companies find a place in the fierce market competition.
Looking at Shanxi, many places in the province are developing the graphene industry. What basic advantages does Shanxi have in developing the graphene industry? Chen Chengmeng was deeply touched: "Shanxi has a unique first-mover advantage in developing the graphene industry. Shanxi is also the first province to carry out graphene research. In 2007, the Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences started the research and development of graphene redox method." Zhao Jianxin believes that , Shanxi is the base of the equipment manufacturing industry. The development of graphene can promote the upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. The promising application scenarios and application markets provide a broad space for graphene development.
How to turn this first-mover advantage into a competitive advantage? Liu Zhaoping, a researcher at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that Shanxi has traditional advantages in the resource industry. For example, the chemical advantages of the coal industry can be closely related to the industrial application of graphene. good combination. As a new type of two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial, graphene can empower many industries and provide a good atmosphere and traction for graphene development.

Take advantage of the situation to lead the core technology research with demand
The excellent performance of graphene is combined with Shanxi's original carbon material industry and scientific research foundation to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and jump from low-end to high-end, which is also a transformation path. How to grow the material industry, the key is to focus on the application side.
The golden chrysanthemum and the vibrant sea of ​​flowers are located in Baozhen Agricultural Planting Cooperative in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It is freezing cold outside the greenhouse, and the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches 20 degrees Celsius. Graphene heater. In addition to ensuring the growth temperature of goldenrod chrysanthemum in the greenhouse, the far-infrared negative oxygen ions released by the graphene heater can strengthen the root system, effectively kill pests, and promote the green and organic growth of chrysanthemum. Li Shaoqiang, the head of the cooperative, said: "The graphene greenhouse has realized automatic temperature control. During the heating period, the 22 greenhouses save 180,000 yuan in electricity bills a year."
Magical materials have come in handy in life. In the next step, how can Shanxi develop graphene industry based on its own advantages and find a differentiated and distinctive development path? Liu Zhongfan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the Beijing Graphene Research Institute, said that there must be breakthroughs in preparation and large-scale preparation, so that it is possible to truly reflect the good things in scientific research theory in actual materials. To find an indispensable scene application for graphene, it is the "killer" level of use.
When it comes to "killer" applications, Chen Chengmeng agrees very much, "Graphene has its own characteristics, and it should be irreplaceable in some fields, or it is absolutely necessary. We are going to cultivate the industrial chain in this direction. Be refined, good, thorough, and solid, and make efforts and layout from the upstream of the industrial chain, first form a sustainable development model, and then extend and connect downstream."

Looking at the frontier and taking the road of collaborative innovation of government, industry, academia and research
There is a saying in the graphene field, "China's graphene looks at Jiangsu, and Jiangsu's graphene looks at Changzhou". In Changzhou, in 2011, it took the lead in opening the road of graphene industrialization, established the world's first new institution specializing in the research and development and industrialization of graphene, and built the largest graphene industrial park in the country. Incubator-Accelerator-Science Park" is the first in the country to form a relatively complete upstream and downstream industry chain integrating graphene equipment research and development, raw material preparation and downstream applications. 150 graphene technology-related enterprises gathered together, and the output value of related industries exceeded 3 billion yuan.
In addition to the first-mover advantage, the rapid development of Graphene in Changzhou is due to the fact that the local government has chosen a correct path for graphene development, that is, "building a platform, introducing teams, incubating enterprises, and cultivating industries". As a public service platform, the Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute helps start-ups carry the burden. Gu Ting, a reporter from the Rong Media Center in Wujin District, Changzhou City, said: "In order to retain a large number of graphene professionals, Changzhou City has built a high-standard maker apartment, providing housing subsidies for masters and doctors in the industry. In addition, the establishment of technology Support policies for industries such as guarantee loans; set up a 'special fund for carbon materials' of 60 million yuan per year and no less than 200 million yuan in 3 years to provide the greatest support for graphene-related enterprises."
How does Shanxi take advantage of the situation to develop strength and take advantage of the opportunity? Where should its focus be? Academician Liu Zhongfan pointed out that the phenomenon of "two skins" in the science and technology economy also exists in the graphene industry. Collaborative innovation of government-industry-university-research applications, and breakthroughs in mechanisms are extremely critical. Complementary advantages, strong alliances, everyone becomes the real main body of innovation, political


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A veritable "king of new materials"

The new material industry is a strategic and basic industry of the national economy


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