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Top 10 applications and top 10 news of graphene in 2020

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2022-01-25 10:43

2020 has been a challenging year for any industry, and it is no different for the graphene industry. However, practitioners and academic researchers in the graphene industry have not slowed down the pace of scientific research, and many have quickly adapted to the status quo and created high-quality solutions and advanced technologies based on graphene.
Israel Graphene Information Network selected the top ten graphene application fields in 2020 according to the quantitative ranking of scientific and technological references indexed by the website. The most popular of these are undoubtedly the fields of medicine and sensors. The specific top ten graphene application rankings are as follows:
(1) Medical and Public Health; (2) Sensors; (3) Batteries; (4) Composites; (5) Automotive Applications; (6) Coatings; (7) Supercapacitors; (8) Thermal Conductivity Applications; (9) ) conductive ink; (10) electronic products.
In addition, due to the raging of the new crown epidemic, the development of all walks of life has consciously or unintentionally tilted towards the war. Among the top ten graphene news in 2020 selected by the Israel Graphene Information Network, most of the events are related to the use of graphene technology to fight against the new coronavirus, which also shows the importance of graphene in the medical and public health fields. effect. The details of the top ten news are as follows:


1. How can graphene help people fight the new coronavirus?

As researchers and companies around the world begin to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, many are revisiting graphene as the material with the most potential to win the fight. Graphene's known antibacterial/antiviral properties, its beneficial properties for medical devices, sensors, and related devices, etc., all prove to be useful.

2. Graphene amplifier circuit could free up 'terahertz gap'

Figure 1 Loughborough University researchers have created a unique graphene-based device that can unleash terahertz wavelengths and enable revolutionary new technologies. (Image credit: Loughborough University)

3. New masks use graphene and electrical charges to block viruses and bacteria

Figure 2 LIGC has developed the Guardian G-Volt, a face shield with a graphene filtration system that can be sterilized and safely reused. (Image credit: LIGC)

4. MIT researchers use graphene and boron nitride to convert terahertz waves into usable energy

Figure 3 MIT researchers have developed a graphene-based device that may be able to convert ambient terahertz waves into direct current. (Image credit: MIT)

5.planeTECH and IDEATI launch graphene-enhanced antibacterial masks

Figure 4 IDEATI's 2AM antibacterial mask in Thailand uses a unique coating that contains graphene and other carbon nanomaterials to achieve 99.95% antibacterial effect, dust-proof, washable, anti-static and comfortable to wear. (Image credit: IDEATI)

6. New graphene biosensor can detect SARS-CoV-2 within a minute

Figure 5 Korean researchers have developed a graphene-based field-effect transistor biosensor that can detect SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal swabs from COVID-19 patients within one minute. (Image credit: Phys)

7. Goodyear Introduces Bicycle Tires Using Graphene Technology

Figure 6 The well-known tire and rubber company Goodyear has launched two new bicycle tires, Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport, both of which utilize graphene technology, weigh only 180 grams (23 mm in diameter), and have better Strength and low rolling resistance for improved wet and dry grip and long-term durability. (Image credit: Goodyear)

8. New method uses hydrogen plasma to remove wrinkles in graphene

Figure 7 Researchers at Nanjing University in China have developed a method to fabricate large graphene films without any wrinkles. Ultrasmooth and flat films that enable mass production of electronic devices that exploit the unique physical and chemical properties of graphene and other 2D materials. (Image source: "Nature")

9. New lithium-air battery using graphene could make electric cars last longer

Figure 8 Daegu Gyeongbuk University of Science and Technology (DGIST) researchers have fabricated an electrode using nickel-cobalt sulfide nanosheets on sulfur-doped graphene, resulting in a long-life battery with high discharge capacity. (Image credit: DGIST)

10. Healthtech startup Flextrapower launches GO-enhanced protective masks

Figure 9 The Flextrapower mask consists of three layers: two layers of cotton with a special graphene fabric blend in the middle, a key middle layer that enhances protection against COVID-19 and other dangerous airborne viruses. (Image credit: Flextrapower)
Author's point of view: In 2020, due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, masks have become a key word throughout the year: it is Taobao's top ten best-selling products in 2020, with a cumulative search of more than 7.5 billion people; BYD relies on it to become a mask shipment The number one in the world; Trump lost the president because of the "election fraud" it caused, and Biden because it not only successfully regained power, but also basically gave the Democrats control of the Senate and the House of Representatives; China is helping it Xia was the first to break free from the quagmire of the epidemic. Masks have become a must-have item in our lives, both now and in the future. However, the shortcomings of disposable masks with short timeliness and insufficient epidemic prevention performance are gradually exposed. Although the price of masks is not expensive, it still causes pollution and waste. Graphene has good properties of blocking viruses and bacteria, and has become the best partner of this medical and health product. In 2020, many manufacturers around the world have launched graphene masks, which can be worn for a longer time, with stronger anti-virus and antibacterial effects, higher comfort, good dust-proof and anti-static properties, and even some products can achieve natural cleaning. reuse. The combination with the mask maximizes the low-cost application of graphene, thereby further expanding the influence of graphene and promoting graphene to play a larger and more important role in the field of public health and medical health. However, the short interlude will only affect the temporary development trend. In the future, the main application fields of graphene will still focus on high-end structural materials and electronic information functional materials.


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